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Deception Pass

Camp Melodrama - slightly worse than Buffy

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"Always leave 'em wantin' more, kiddo. That's the rule."

Deception Pass

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Pull up a chair and grab a cup of the beverage of your choice and follow random Deception Pass and Sim related ramblings over in sorrow_by_name!

"Plagued by demons, decieved by angels
What little devils have we spawned?"

aikea_guinea: Writer and master of all things Sim
rosewalker: Writer

Special thanks to frenchified--Proof Reader Proof-reader Proofreader Corrector of Copy extraordinnaire!

Layout graphics by gelydh.

In 1989 or 1990, I (aikea_guinea) started writing a story- I let my best friend (rosewalker) read it, and pretty soon we were both writing. Over the next 15+ years, "The Stories" went through multiple incarnations, including a very short (4 pages) graphic novel. We kept this up on and off for years, the most recent versions scribbled out sometime while we were in college. Back in June of '05 I realized I had the resources to do yet another version. With Sims as our actors, we've started 'the stories' again. We're not trying to be the next Shakespeare, just writing something we think is entertaining and hope that it entertains others out there.

And, thanks to this wacky intra-web thing, we now have an audience. We'd like to thank everyone who's read this, and send out an extra special thanks to everyone who takes a few seconds/minutes/whatever to comment. We're shameless comment whores and love reading everyone's reactions.

There really is a Deception Pass. It's a state park located on the northern end of Whidbey Island in Washington State. I've had a chance to visit and it's just amazing.

-Danielle (aikea_guinea) & Sara (rosewalker)

Q: Where did you get...?
A: My own creations are available on Club Crimsyn. If it's not custom made by me, it probably came from:


The skin I originially used for Emily & James was called 'Semloh bumpmapped light nude skin'. Late first season new skintones are custom made by myself and will not be availble at any time as I modified the work of others strictly for personal use. Eye colors are also done by myself and will not be available.

I have been doing this for nearly four years and have over 25,000 very unorganized downloads in addition to the custom content I create. There's no way I can keep track of everything. However, feel free to ask where something came from! Even if I can't answer you, chances are someone out there knows where to find it.

Q: When is the next episode coming out?
A: Episodes take about a month to complete. This includes writing, set building, costuming, simming, and daily battles with ADD.

Q: Can you make -insert sim here- available for download so I can use them in my own game?
A: No. I don't share my sims. They're the physical manifestation of the people who live in my head, a lot more than just a collection of 1's and 0's. I don't like the thought of them being out there in the world.

Q: So is Tristan named after that Patrick Wolf song?
A: No. The entity known as 'Tristan' was named in April of 2005, I first heard Patrick Wolf in November of 2005. The similarities are purely coincidental.

Q: Are you going to make Tristan's tattoos available for download?
A: No. They're very personal and I'm uncomfortable with sharing them, especially now that I have the wings tattooed on my own real life back.

Q: How come the men look like the cure?
A: I don't know what you're talking about.

Q: Is Chris supposed to be Spike?
A: Actually, Spike was based on Chris.

Q: But I thought Spike was based on Billy Idol?
A: No no, Billy Idol was based on Spike, who was based on Chris. Got it? Good.

Q: Since you guys are totally ripping off Buffy, will there be any lesbian loving anytime soon?
A: It always comes back to the lesbian loving, doesn't it...

Q: What are all those words on the preview pictures before each episode?
A: Lyrics. Here's a running list of the songs used so far on the off chance anyone is interested.

-Season One

Prologue: 'Bells For Her', Tori Amos
Episode 1: 'Faith', The Cure
Episode 2: 'Iiiee', Tori Amos
Episode 3: 'Cold', The Cure
Episode 4: 'Beyond the Pale', The Mission
Episode 5: 'Liquid Diamonds', Tori Amos
Episode 6: 'Out Of Mind', The Cure
Episode 7: 'Alpha Man', The Mission
Episode 8: 'Sweet Surrender', Sarah McLachlan
Episode 9: 'The Sky Is A Poisonous Garden', Concrete Blonde
Episode 10: 'Mine Eyes', Switchblade Symphony
Episode 11: 'Gloomy Sunday', Billie Holiday
Episode 12: 'Spark', Tori Amos
Episode 13: 'Little Earthquakes', Tori Amos
Episode 14: Original Poem by Sara Zeuty
Episode 15: 'Spring Haze', Tori Amos
Episode 16: 'Wasteland', The Mission
Episode 17: 'Bells For Her', Tori Amos
Episode 18: 'Doughnut Song', Tori Amos
Episode 19: 'Wake (RSV)', The Mission
Episode 20: 'Iieee', Tori Amos
Episode 21: 'Idumea', traditional
Episode 22-1: 'Cassandra', Cruxshadows
Episode 22-2: 'Winterborn', Cruxshadows

-Season Two

Episode 1: 'From One Jesus to Another', The Mission and 'Hydra', Ego Likeness
Episode 2: 'Secret Garden', Patrick Wolf
Episode 3: 'Forty-One Ways', Azam Ali
Episode 4: 'Forty-One Ways', Azam Ali
Episode 5: 'The Waitress', Tori Amos
Episode 6: 'The Raven', Edgar Allen Poe
Episode 7: '(Don't Fear) The Reaper,' Blue Oyster Cult

'Deception Pass' and all characters are ©2005-2009 Danielle Cavanagh & Sara Zeuty Nevala

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