Deception Pass (deception_pass) wrote,
Deception Pass

Episode 10 - Part 1


Chris opened his cellphone and dialed Andy's number with trembling fingers. He'd spent the last 20 minutes weighing all his options, jumping between leaving the city & making what could easily be his last phone call ever, hitting every point in between. In the end he realized that even if he left Deception Pass, he'd just be pulled back there anyway. It was probably in his best interest to just tell Andy what had happened rather than risking an even worse fate for trying to hide it. In his 50-plus years of being a vampire he'd never come across a human who actually managed to worry him- he knew he was superior to humans in every way. It wasn't until he met Andy that he realized some humans had souls more twisted than those that preyed on them.

Chris: "Mr. Stone, I have some um.. bad news."

Andy: "Chris, it's 3 in the morning."
Chris: "Yeah, but it's sort of important. You know that zombie vampire thing your spooky trio made?"
Andy: "Yes..."

Chris: "I sort of let it out."
Andy: "Sort of?"
Chris: "Well, actually let it out."
Andy: "Why in the world did you do a thing like that?"
Chris: "I didn't want to let it out- it... made me. It did this bloody mind meld thing or something- it was in my head!"

Chris braced himself for a verbal slaying, soon to be followed by an actual physical slaying if he was lucky. He doubted he'd be lucky, though- for Andy, once a person was dead you couldn't cause them any more pain. He'd seen the man have some really sick things done to people who'd crossed him and he didn't exactly fancy being on the recieving end of any of them. It seemed like an eternity passed before Andy spoke again.

Andy: "Really? Inside your head, you say?"

Andy's voice was calm, but there was a slight undercurrent of excitement to his words that Chris didn't fully understand.

Chris: "Yeah, it was like I was it's bloody puppet or something! I honestly didn't want to let it out, Mr. Stone."

Andy: "I know you didn't, Chris. I'm actually quite pleased to hear this. You did the right thing in calling me."
Chris: "Yeah well..."
Andy: "Don't worry about it anymore, Chris. Just do the job I hired you for and we can forget this happened."
Chris: "Sure."

Andy: "Glass? We have a situation. Erebus escaped."
Glass: "Understood. We'll get right on it, sir."

Andy sighed and smiled sleepily, taking a minute to savor the rush of power he'd felt while talking to Chris. The fear coming across the line had been utterly palpable. Chris really didn't have to worry just yet, he was still useful to him now. When his usefulness ran out, then Andy would deal with his little mistake.


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