Deception Pass (deception_pass) wrote,
Deception Pass

Episode 19 - Part 1

Parts 2-22 backdated.


James: "I found her. Do you want me to come back for you and Deanna?"
Tristan: "No, that's all right. Markus and Serge are dropping us off at my place- we're just leaving now. Emily is going to drive Mary's car back in the morning. Is she okay?"
James: "Yep. As soon as she gets dressed, I'm going to take her home."

Tristan: "Gets dressed? James, what happened?"
James: "Apparently they were fighting and then ooops! All their clothes just fell right off. It must've been exhausting, because both of them were sleeping like babies when I got here."
Tristan: " Um… oh. Are you okay?"

James: "Yep."
Tristan: "Can I do anything?"
James: "Tell Markus."

James: "Mary-"
Mary: "Don't you even start with me. I'm not some screwed up, broken girl. I saw something I wanted so I took it, that's IT."
James: "Right, good for you, Patty. I was going to say don't forget to have my car towed in the morning."

As Mary got out of the car, James threw her backpack at her before reaching over and slamming the passenger door shut. He watched as she ran up the front steps, unlocked the door and went inside. The porch light went out, replaced moments later by a light flickering on upstairs. He sat in the car, staring at the building while wondering what to do next, before finally peeling away from the curb and heading home.


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