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Season Two, Episode 8-1, Part 18

It wasn’t stormy, but it should have been. Instead, the night was perfectly calm and downright pleasant. Jacob considered calling in a storm, but decided it would be a trivial waste of energy. Instead, he ascended with a single thought to the second floor window which he opened with an effortless wave of his hand.

He touched down with utter silence next to Mary’s bed, where she slept blissfully unaware of his presence. The blankets were twisted tightly around her body. They clung to her every curve, beautifully enhancing the swell of her breasts and the curvature of her hips. Her hair was spread wildly around her on the pillow case, its copper tendrils darkened to a deep rust color in the night’s shadows. She was

(drooling. and snoring.)


He leaned in closer, taking in the way the light from the windows fell on her, highlighting the perfect pallor of her skin and the delicate bow of her mouth. He watched her pulse beating rhythmically in the veins of her neck, creating a fire in his every nerve.

He would make her his, feed upon her and have her sustain his energy.

“I think you’ve gotten quite close enough.”

Jacob turned toward the voice in the darkness, cursing himself for not being more aware of his surroundings; he hadn’t counted on her having a suitor watching over her. Still, this boy was surely nothing more than

(a vampire. james is a vampire. and he’s not really a ‘boy.’ does he always watch mary sleep?)

a mere mortal, and as such, no more than a lowly insect to him.

“You startled me; I wasn’t expecting Mary to have company at such a late hour. It’s quite ungentlemanly for you to have stayed after she’d retired to her chambers for the evening.”
“What’s even more ungentlemanly is creeping into her room via the window.” The young man paused, a flicker of uncertainty playing out across his face. “Unless you really love someone and just need to make sure they don’t do anything you wouldn’t want them to. I believe you’d be well advised to take leave of yourself.”
“You speak such strong words for a meager human.”

The man let out a derisive laugh, rising from the chair he’d been sitting in.

“’Meager human.’ And what makes it so you feel such superiority?”
“Centuries of existence will do that to a soul. You’d do well to bear that in mind.”
“You say these things as though you have any idea what it is to be burdened by the curse of an eternity of youth, what it is to be forever on the threshold of real manhood. The rest of the world turns on and on without you, ever changing while you remain in a stasis. I burn for that woman, hunger for her like no man has hungered before. It burns inside me like an inferno, like the deep and unquenchable fires of the center of the earth itself. In my dreams, she haunts me with her vision: her hair, with its flame-like locks; her eyes, so much like glittering amethysts. Her scent calls to me on the wind, its delicate fragrance daring to grace my lungs as if I could ever deserve such favor. She’s a beauty the likes of which this world has never known until now, and still she does not see herself as such. I love her more than there are words for. Yet this is never meant to be. We’re destined to be two worlds orbiting a distant sun on a different plane, passing close to one another on occasion, but never chancing to join together in our own cosmic dance. She’s mine, and mine alone. I will not let any other have her, even if it means I’d be forced to commit unspeakable acts.”

(you have got to be kidding me…)

“You’d do best to still your voice, young man.”

“You’d both ‘do best’ to explain why in the hell you’re in my room at this time of night!” Jacob and the young man both turned simultaneously to find Mary sitting bolt upright in bed. “In fact, I can’t think of any reason at all either of you should be in here at any time of the day!”
“I’m drawn to you, like a moth is drawn to a flame,” James replied. “I had to watch over you.”
“Why is it supposed to be romantic to watch someone sleep? It isn’t! At all! It’s downright creepy and stalkerish, in fact.”
“On the contrary; it demonstrates my unending devo—“
“And since when has ‘love’ ever crossed your mind with regards to me?” Mary interrupted, clearly struggling to refrain from shouting. “And you!”

Jacob froze as Mary turned her attention on him. She’d reached beneath her pillow and had now produced a stake that was the epitome of art and design. She had it aimed at him dead-center.

“I know Emily has this weird soft place in her heart for you, but I swear to god if you don’t get out now, I’ll drive this through your heart so fast you’ll be in hell ten minutes before you know what hit you.”

In the deepest, most secluded parts of his mind, Jacob felt something like the panicked fluttering of a trapped bird. Whatever was buried deep in his unconscious

(it’s me)

told him it was in his best interest to make his exit as quickly as possible. There would be others who would fill his needs as much as this one would have, though they would obviously lack the physical and emotional connections to his beloved this one had.

“I bid you good night, my lady.”

He bowed deeply then dissolved into a mist, floating out through the window and into the starry night.



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