Deception Pass (deception_pass) wrote,
Deception Pass

Season Two, Episode 8-1, Part 4

Possible NSFW warning: Pixel Bum

The alarm clock wasn’t going to stop going off, no matter how long James tried to ignore it. After a solid minute and a half, he finally hit the damnable thing with his fist, sighing heavily into the mostly-dark room. He squinted at the curtains, where the filtered light of a rainy day was managing to sneak through just enough to be annoying. He turned and buried his face deep into pale silver of Deanna’s hair, deeply inhaling the scent of herbs with the slightest hint of sweat while he wrapped his arms around her. She sighed in her sleep, shifting her body against his.

He sat up, not quite ready to leave the warm cocoon of his bed, running his hand down the length of her body.

“Are you trying to start something again?” she asked. He smiled, unable to help himself.
“Could be.”
“Shouldn’t you be getting ready for your meeting with Mary?”
“I’ve got lots of time to get ready.”

Deanna shifted, twisting around to face him with a large smile. Seeing her like this, naked in the soft light of day with her hair in tangles and most of her makeup smudged away, made him feel like a stupid teenage boy all over again. He was convinced that if his heart still beat, it would be skipping all over the place.

“Isn’t she going to be here in an hour?”
“I can shower in less than ten minutes.”
“You’re something else; you know that, right?”
“What do you mean?”

“You were supposed to be showing me how to have a good time without getting attached, but you keep looking at me with those pathetic puppy dog eyes of yours. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think your lesson had gone a bit astray.”
“That look is just part of my charms,” he countered.
“Well that’s good, because I’d hate to think you’d gotten the wrong idea about us.”
“You’re a quick study.”
“You really are too much sometimes.”

Her eyes slid shut, but she was still smiling softly. James leaned in and kissed her fully, pulling her body as close to his as he could.


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